Elated Athletics, Inc. was founded by Katelyn Kendrick when she began her own journey towards personal wellness. Katelyn began practicing Yoga at a very early age. In college this activity became a passion and a lifestyle. Katelyn began empowering women in her community and recognized that Yoga and fitness was a powerful tool in one's spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. As fitness became a growing aspect of Kendrick's daily life, she started to recognize the areas in which other athletic wear simply fell short. For starters, as a student in college and active member in her community Katelyn recognized how much of a burden it is to constantly change between school and work appropriate clothes and outfits for fitness. Thus, Katelyn set out to address this issue. 

     Katelyn Kendrick incorporated her passion for fitness with her love of art and design to create Elated Athletics. 

     Elated Athletics was born with the direct understanding for what those seeking a healthy lifestyle want and need. The brand offers athletic clothing that is luxurious for the most discerning eye. Each piece is carefully created to offer flattering, stylish, and functional designs for all aspects of one's daily life.